Hey, there!

I’m Laura, the founder and creator behind Slow Drawl Studios. I’m based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where I went to school and (recently) graduated with a studio art degree with an emphasis in ceramics. I’ve been making pots for over 5 years now, but only started officially selling ceramics a little over a year ago.


My goal with Slow Drawl is to remind you of the little moments that we may look past during our busy and stressful days. I want you to use a handmade mug for your morning ritual, or a wine cup for slow evenings after a long work day, when you honestly just need to take a moment and rest.


Pottery is something that takes time. There are hours and hours that go into each and every pot I make, and the energy it takes to put meaning into this slow craft is one that I look forward to experiencing for years to come. In both my art and my daily life, I try to incorporate mindfulness and the practice of slowing down and noticing - noticing my breath, noticing my environment, noticing how my body feels at the moment.

With my ceramics, I invite you to take a moment alongside me. Breathe. Make the cup of coffee you’ve been needing, or make one for a friend. Light some incense, and focus on what your body is feeling. Close your eyes, and feel.

People have been using the gift of creating functional pottery from the earth for thousands of years, and the ancient tradition that has been molded and changed over time eventually led itself to my little life. I am grateful to practice a craft that has been around for so long and has helped so many civilizations thrive. It certainly found me in a time of my life where I needed something that would bring me back to the earth and its roots, and ultimately, back to myself.

Thank you all for your constant love and support,