Where do you make your pottery?

I’m currently making pottery out of a spare bedroom in my home. I’m hoping to get to the place where I have my own studio space and work from there!

How do I care for my piece?

Pots without gold accents are good to go in the microwave and dishwasher, however I always recommend hand washing all ceramics. If your piece has gold additions, please refrain from putting them in the microwave or dishwasher.

My pot doesn’t look exactly like the photo of what I purchased. Why?

All ceramics are handmade, therefore there will always be differences in each piece. All this means is that you have a one-of-a-kind piece that no one else has! Pretty cool, right?

Do you accept installments of payments?

Not usually, but I am more than willing to talk about this with you. I totally understand some things are a little weird right now, so just shoot me an email or direct message on Instagram and maybe we can work something out! However, nothing is 100% guaranteed.

Do you use environmentally friendly materials?

Yes! Taking care of the environment is so important to me, so I always take into consideration what I can reuse or recycle, how I transport your items, etc. If you’ve ordered something from me, you’ll probably notice I use weird combinations of paper to package your pots or maybe some ugly boxes. BUT! It’s all for the environment. Also, please recycle your packaging if you are able :)

Do you ship internationally?

I am not currently offering international shipping because of COVID-19. I will post an update as soon as I am able to offer it.

I am local to Chattanooga. Can I ask for free pickup?

Absolutely! You’ll be able to use the code “LOCAL” when you check out and will receive an email to complete your order. Due to COVID-19, everything will be socially distanced and you will receive your pots safely!

Do you do custom orders or pre-order requests?

Not at this time, no. All of the pottery listed on the site will be up to date with what I have in stock. I love to hear what you would like to see on the shop in the near future, and I often take requests and inspiration from your suggestions via Instagram! Specific projects require specific materials that I may not have access to because of the pandemic, so I can’t guarantee filling your requests and custom orders at this time. This may change, so stay tuned!

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