Bubble Mug in Pink and Lavender

Bubble Mug in Pink and Lavender

This mug is glazed in a glossy clear with pink and lavender underglaze with 22 karat gold adornments. It has been fired 3 times to over 2000 degrees! It holds 12 ounces comfortably, for whatever you choose to sip on.


This piece requires special care in order to keep your mug in tip top shape! Please see care instructions below.

Please allow 8-10 weeks to complete with additional shipping time. These mugs require a lot of time, patience, and care to meet my production standards so they are perfect for you! The process starts with wedging, and are then thrown on the wheel. After days of drying comes trimming. Handles are then applied at the perfect dryness to prevent cracking. After the mug is fully dried, they will be put in the kiln for almost 20 hours. They will be fired a second time after hours of carefully glazing each piece by hand. Once they're finished being fired, they will be quickly shipped off to you for you to enjoy!

  • Care Instructions

    Due to gold additions, this mug requires special care. Please refrain from putting this piece in the microwave and dishwasher.